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Which Hawaiian Island Should I Visit?

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Hawaii beaches leave with a pinch-me-I-must-be-dreaming experience right from the moment visitors put their first foot forward. Here’s a list of the famous Islands in Hawaii.


With striking volcanic landscaped, emerald valleys, black sand beaches, and waves, Maui becomes the first among the other Hawaiian Islands. The ravishing beauty welcomes tourists for diverse natural beauty and lush nature, where the aloha spirit is truly the heart of Hawaiian Culture.

Residing at Hotel Wailea, with beach facing luxury resort providing proper safety amidst the beauty of Maui, can overplay with the perfect blend of modern, iconic, and nature-lovers charm in your holiday.


One of the most enchanting beauties of the Hawaii Islands is always Kauai. Couples are a big fan of the island for the calmness and free-flowing sea breezes. This rainiest island of Hawaii depicts a Green Paradise for Nature Lovers, where the calmness feels romantic and relaxes you. However, the serene stay is incomplete without The Ko’a Kea Hotel and Resort in Kauai, for its close hiking spot trails and awesome hospitality.

The Big Island

Where Maui is for a fun-filled vacation, Oahu is the home for surfing boat lovers, Kauai for romance and luxury, The Big Island is just Big! That’s the only specialty until you understand the hidden treasures of this location.

The Big Island is majestic with rich geographical features and the breathtaking diversity of nature. Everything on this island is a flex that human eyes find hard to believe, like black sand beaches, hardened lava deserts, snow-covered peaks, and steamy lush rainforests.

The Kilauea Volcano is the center of attraction for all tourists. The island is still growing since 1983, where you’d probably need a comfortable rest after a hike in the Big Island.

Fairmont Orchid is a premium stay indulging guests at the truest beauty of the tranquil atmosphere amidst beach colors probably nobody has ever seen before. If you are looking for a luxurious spa after sightseeing, or a quiet balcony that relaxes you, Fairmont Orchid has everything brewing hot for the visitors.


The scenario with Hawaii’s most populous island, Oahu, is for the whim of Mother Nature on miles of blue sea, forest trails, city sidewalks, overwhelming Hawaiian foods, and artistic greenery. Oahu means ‘The Gathering Place’ where people prefer looking at the historical monuments and city’s museums.

Over the years, the establishments of some posh hotels and rental stays have made these explorers exotic. Some places are best for a cool down on hike days and enjoy exception Hawaiian cuisine with top-notch hotel services and hospitality. The Four Seasons Resort marks its location along the stretch of marine beachside, overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Oahu. Brace yourself to experience the stunning views of Oahu from this property, where visitors have called it ‘Paradise’ after their stay.


Honolulu is the capital city of Oahu with breathtaking beaches in a row. The city blends cosmopolitan culture very seamlessly to the beachcomber's love for nature and marine life. All the islands at Honolulu showcase an urban appeal with incredible historic and cultural sites to explore.

From the clear vista to the verge of the sea, beaches at Honolulu paint perfection in every shade of blue from the seawater, lanky coconut greens, and sandy hues. The sky in Honolulu is seen clearly with floating clouds, giving the perfect relaxed vibe for everyone. The Waikiki Beach in Honolulu is one of the famous beaches in Hawaii and the world. The beach has eight pristine sections that reveal the beauty of nature and serenity to visitors, which makes it a must-visit in your trip to Hawaii.

The city has another side away from the urban culture as well. The North Shore at Honolulu is a great place to experience rural Hawaiian Culture, brilliant turquoise waters, with suitable locations for a short hike. Besides these, you can experience vibrant cultural events, exotic nightlife, and the Gathering Place showcasing the Hawaiian Culture for real.

The nearby areas of Honolulu have sky-rise buildings and resorts, contrasting brightly with the pristine blue sky, kilometers of white sandy beaches, providing rentals to tourists and visitors. On your visit to Honolulu, the Waikiki Penthouse would be a luxurious option. It has gorgeous living areas, spacious bedrooms that maintain all hygienic protocols for COVID-19. With Turnkey Vacation rentals you can chill amidst the scenic beauty of Waikiki from the balcony.

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